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1. Status Line

The Status Line displays the number of object or objects selected and provides functional hints for buttons or menu items in Sandbox Editor. The status line is located at the bottom of the screen.

2. Lock Selection Toggle

Lock Selection Toggle turns selection locking on and off. Locking the selection prevents you from inadvertently selecting something else in a complex CryENGINE level.

When your selection is locked, you can click or drag the mouse anywhere in the viewports without losing your selection. When you want to deselect or alter your selection, click Lock Selection Toggle again to unlock the selection.

Lock Selection is off by default. If on, the button is highlighted in orange color. With the toggle on, you can click anywhere in a viewport and Sandbox Editor maintains the current selection.

Note: If you want to select something but cannot, it's frequently because you have locked your selection.

3. Transform Coordinate Display

The Transform Coordinate Display area shows the position of the cursor or the status of a transform, and allows entry of new transform values.

The information in these fields varies, depending on what you are doing:

  • When you are simply moving the mouse in a viewport, these fields show the current cursor location in absolute world coordinates.
  • While you are creating an object, these fields also show the current cursor location in absolute world coordinates.
  • While you are transforming an object by dragging in a viewport, these fields always show coordinates relative to the object's coordinates before the transformation was started.
  • While you are transforming an object, these fields change to spinners, and you can type values directly in them.
  • While a transform button is active and a single object is selected, but you are not dragging the object, these fields show the absolute coordinates for the current transform.
  • While a transform button is active and multiple objects are selected, these fields show the previous selection's transform coordinates.

In this example, the Transform Coordinate Display shows the absolute coordinates for the selected object's positional transform

4. Viewport Navigation Speed Control

The Viewport Navigation Speed Control allows you to change viewport movement speed.

The Speed input is used to increase or decrease the movement speed of all the movements you make in the main Perspective Viewport.

The 3 buttons to the right of the Speed input are quick toggles for changing speed to 0.1, 1 or 10. You can maunally set the speed by typing into the box or use the spinner to adjust the speed up or down.

5. Terrain Collision Toggle

Terrain Collision Toggle turns terrain collision on and off. Enabling terrain collision inhibits camera movement below the terrain surface.

6. AI or Physics Button

AI/Physics Button turns Physics simulation and AI on and off. This button allows you to test physics and AI behavior directly in the Editor without entering into game mode.

7. No Sync Player Button

8. Goto position Button

Goto position Button opens the Go to Position Dialog Box using which a user can jump to a specific position in the level.

You can enter positional coordinates or use the spinners to specify values. Clicking on GoTo button will immediately move the perspective viewport to the specified coordinate.


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